Your roadmap to a healthier and more harmonious life.

A nutritional therapist assesses a person’s nutritional needs to achieve normal physiological function. This means the maintenance of homeostasis, a position of wellbeing we all seek, but many fail to achieve. Nutritional therapy is not a one pill wonder: it is a change in lifestyle to bring your body back to optimum health. Although you may see some immediate improvements it can take the body time to come back into balance.

We offer two different types of consultation, both of which are interchangeable at any time.

1. Nutritional Therapy and Mycotherapy

  • Thorough analysis of your health imbalances, key health concerns, medical history, underlying pathologies, genetic susceptibilities, deficiencies, dietary and lifestyle habits.
  • A detailed explanation of any underlying health concerns will be provided and how best to correct them.
  • The identification of any suspected vitamin/mineral deficiencies and how to best reinstate these.
  • A discussion of foods that may be contributing to your ailments and the recommendations of foods that may help to alleviate your symptoms.

2. Nutritional Health Coaching

  • Address key suspected vitamin/mineral deficiencies.
  • Create a food program fit individual requirements and life schedules to balance cravings.
  • Support you to make gradual sustainable lifestyle changes to reach optimal health.
  • Includes advice and support in the following areas: Nutritional Education, Menu Plans, Recipe Ideas, Supplement Recommendation, Nutritional Education, Supporting Materials and guidance, Blood tests.

What to expect from a consultation

Upon booking a consultation you will be asked to complete a health questionairre which take in to account your current diet and lifestyle, plus any existing health conditions. This is so Romina can tailor your consulation specifically to your needs.

During the Consultation, all dietary and lifestyle changes will be discussed and agreed, only achievable goals will be set, taking into consideration, lifestyle and budgets. The client may wish to avail of any specific tailored packages as part of my additional services at this stage.

From talking about your current lifestyl and diet, a personalised nutritional plan is created, taking into account personal needs, likes and dislikes and work schedules. The nutritional plan consists of a list of foods to include in the diet, possible foods to restrict, as well as possible nutritional supplements that maybe beneficial. The focus is always on recommending easily accessible, nutritious and tasty ‘real foods’ that can be included effortlessly into your daily routine. Nutritional supplements may be recommended in addition to this but never as a substitute for good food choices.

In certain circumstances, laboratory tests may be recommended to enable a more targeted and individualised nutrition programme.

Why take a consultation?

Everyone can benefit from an more complete nutritional understanding and a gaining a wholistic view on improving your wellbeing.

If you have chronic health issues that you want to improve and are looking to target the root cause of the problem through non traditional means, then nutritional therapy could be for you. Romina’s goal as a nutritional therapist is to be there to help you through the process of investigating what is really causing the problems and to deal with it once it for all.

Pathological Testing

Identify any underlying imbalances, which might be stopping you from achieving your optimal health and your ideal weight.

Genetic, Functional, immunology and toxic element tests are available from the most reputable and scientifically advanced laboratories in UK, Europe and USA.

Discover allergies and food intolerances, hormonal imbalances and vitamin & mineral deficiencies.

Some of the testing options include:

  • Hormone profile: oestradiol, progesterone, testosterone, DHE
  • Total thyroid screen: TSH, FT4, FT3, T4, T3, thyroid antibodies
  • Comprehensive adrenal stress profile
  • Allergy and Food intolerance Tests

Recommendations to your GP for routine blood work are made where required.

When necessary I will advise testing and explain you my recommendation. Although a valid tool to pin point the cause of imbalance there is no obligation for you to undertake any testing.

Please note that testing costs are not included in the consultation and programs fees. They are usually refunded by insurance companies.

It’s amazing how much Romina helped me with the detox program that make my skin glow in just a few months with natural and organic products.
- Iria Fernandez, Accessory designer and entrepreneur, London.

Corporate Consulting

Romina provides a range of services for Corporates:

Corporate Consulting

If you are looking to break into the natural health industry then Beleaf Nutrition can help by giving you exposure and access to practitioners, Nutritionists, Therapists and more. Our team will support you in Marketing, branding and launching your product in the UK and Ireland. Contact us on to find how we can help you become a leader in the nutrition industry. 

Corporate Wellness:

We create Wellbeing programs aligned to your people and your business strategy. Our team of highly trained nutritionist can carry out Wellbeing Days, Seminars, One-to-One Consultations and Group Workshops are all offered to help empower your workforce. We also offer mini discovery days of fun and interactive learning to your teams. 

My goal is to help busy professionals integrate healthy habits for the long term, step by step, in a way that fits working life. Email Romina on to find out more. 

International Clients

Skype consultations: Romina also offers consultations to an international client base. Email for fees.

The doctors of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition.
- Thomas Edison

Nutritional Therapy can help with a wide range of health conditions:

Hormonal Health/Thyroid
Digestive health
Stress & Anxiety
Cancer support
Allergies & intolerances
Chronic inflammation
Weight loss and Detox

Cancer Support

Romina also helps to support and minimise the side effects of those going through Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy treatment. Benefits include improvements in sleep, energy, mood, anxiety, pain, nausea, hair loss and much more. Orthodox tests and prescriptive medicines are also reviewed to check for subclinical discrepancies and absolute other complementary healthcare services including craniosacral therapy, homeopathy, massage, osteopathy and reflexology.

Book a consultation

To book a consultation, start by sending a contact form including your name, email and message to Romina outlining the type of consultation you are interested in, and any health conditions which you would like to focus on during your sessions.

Romina will get in touch to confirm your availability and to ask you to complete a health questionnaire which will help tailor your session.