Posted by Romina. 1st July 2019



Tired of running the rat race as a Business Development Manager in Finance, I had an awakening when I attended a talk on the impact of food on the body and mind during a business trip. The information I heard on the day left me with a sense of fascination for natural medicine.

The more I explored this field, the more my passion for holistic health intensified and it became clear I’d found my calling. It was only later that I realised the very same passion would eventually give me the courage to turn away from my planned career path and instead pursue my dream.

CNM offered me the flexibility to combine studying with my long working hours. What I loved most about the course was the variety in the lecturers, their experience and practical advice which really helped to set expectations for career development and growth. I found the experience eye-opening, promising and challenging.

CNM opened the door to my passion and gave me the confidence to make a difference by guiding people’s lifestyles and health choices. Learning how herbs and nutrients modulate chronic conditions, and knowing we will be the game changers in the future of integrative medicine has been a huge motivation for me.

After completing my diploma, I continued my learning process and also specialised in Mycotherapy – the science of using medicinal mushrooms in clinical practice with Hifas da Terra.

I am now head of their Educational Services, managing modules, scientific information and presentations. After retraining in Nutritional Therapy and being where I am in such a short time span, I truly think anything is possible if you have passion. Studying at CNM showed me that training in natural therapies is the future of health.